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Thanks for stopping by - I'm Julia! I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend, and I stay busy helping him with our fixer-upper, raising our 5 kiddos, and quilting and painting things.

I have loved being creative ever since I was a little girl. Since I can remember, I was reading books on how to make homemade piñatas, sitting beside my older sister learning how to sew an apron, painting a homemade wooden "egg" sign for my Mom for mother's day - anything that anyone would teach me or I could learn for myself, I attempted it.

Today I love creating more than ever - especially if it's quilting or painting. Literally nothing in my house is safe. =)

Our wooden Barn Quilts are carefully constructed in our garage, where my husband cuts all the wood (he's so patient!), and I finish them. Sometimes they even get painted right at our kitchen table (by me - don't worry!), while my kids do their schoolwork.

All that to say, I love making beautiful, quality products and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share my handmade items with some pretty great people.

I have a blog that I rarely ever post to, or you can follow me on instagram @RedRainbootsHandmade, where I frequent much more often.